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Klassic Crescent Casserole Set 10pc 28,30,32,36,40cm

Klassic Crescent Casserole Set 10pc 28,30,32,36,40cm
Large aluminium cooking pots ideal for making your casserole dishes for your whole family. Each pot comes with a matching lid and has handles on each side for lifting. Aluminium metal is very good for heat distribution so your cooking time could be reduced due to the excellent conductivity. The pots can be used on most hobs except induction hobs. The pots must not be used with metal tools as you can scratch them due to the properties of aluminium as it is a soft metal. The size of these pots make them suitable for catering kitchens where you need to cook up a lot of food._x000D_\n_x000D_\nSizes:_x000D_\n_x000D_\nDiameter 28cm, Depth 15cm, Volume 9.5L_x000D_\nDiameter 30cm, Depth 16cm, Volume 11.5L_x000D_\nDiameter 32cm, Depth 18cm, Volume 15L_x000D_\nDiameter 36cm, Depth 20cm, Volume 20L_x000D_\nDiameter 40cm, Depth 22cm, Volume 27.5L
Item Type Klassic Crescent Casserole Set 10pc 28,30,32,36,40cm
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