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Black Iron Kadai Wok 12

Black Iron Kadai Wok 12
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Black Iron Kadai Wok 12
Handmade iron kadai wok designed to serve food immediately after cooking is finished. These iron woks have been hand crafted in India and there is signs of rust around the edges and handle. The small size lets you fry any type of dish over an open fire stove or gas fire hob and then serve. No need to transfer the food to a plate or bowl. The wok has two handles for lifting and the thick guage of the iron retains heat for longer so the food stays hot for longer as well. The inside of the wok has a smooth finish and has metal handles welded to the side. -Ideal for serving immediately after cooking. -Handmade with smooth finish inside -Brass handles to lift the wok -Works on open fires or Gas Hobs only -Material: Iron
Item Type Black Iron Kadai Wok 12"
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