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Klassic Round Wok Karahi Set 28,30,32 cm

Klassic Round Wok Karahi Set 28,30,32 cm
Cook your own Karahi dishes with this Karahi set. Use for shallow or deep frying of meat, potatoes, sweets, and snacks such as samosa and fish and also for Indian papadums, also good for the simmering of stews or posola. Comes with thick matching aluminium lids for cover. Each pot has two handles, one on each side for easy lifting and pouring. Diameter 28,30,32 cm. Depth 8cm, 9cm, 10cm. Usage notes. Do not use sharp or metalic utensils as they will scratch the surface. Use wooden or rubber utensils only. For cleaning do not use any metallic scourers as that too can scratch the surfaces. Only use soapy hot water to clean.
Item Type Klassic Round Wok Karahi Set 28,30,32 cm
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