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Galvanised Steel Wooden Storage Buckets 2pack

Galvanised Steel Wooden Storage Buckets 2pack
These buckets are made of galvanised steel and is housed by thick solid wooden panels that wrap around the bucket giving it a nice natural finish as well as firm sturdy contruction. These buckets come as a set of two, with one large and one smaller bucket. Each bucket is removeable so you can lift and carry them around with the sturdy steel handles. Large bucket size 42cm diameter 37 cm height approx, Smaller bucket size 34cm diameter 28cm height approx. You can use them as water buckets or planters or coal buckets. -Galvanised steel buckets with wooden housing bucket -Heavy duty design with real wood panels -Steel handles to help lift the bucket -Ideal as decorative planters indoors or water bucket
Item Type Galvanised Steel Wooden Storage Buckets 2pack
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