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Sallet Coal Bucket Scuttle Hod Medium

Sallet Coal Bucket Scuttle Hod Medium
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Sallet Coal Bucket Scuttle Hod Medium
The perfect fireside companion piece that can store coal near to the fireplace for easy access. Designed in an antique sallet style helmet shape this coal bucket is made for those who want to create a cosy victorian fireplace room. The bucket has two strong handles, one to lift the heavy coal once filled and the other to tip the bucket if you want to just pour a large load of coal onto the fire. The bucket is finished in a powder-coat to protect from rust and ensure long lasting mileage for your purchase. This is handmade so there will be some visible small marks. -Strong handles for lifting and pouring -Rust resistant finish -Antique style design -Perfect fireside companion piece
Item Type Sallet Coal Bucket Scuttle Hod Medium
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