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Ashley Non-Stick Wok 32CM Long Handle With Glass Lid

Ashley Non-Stick Wok 32CM Long Handle With Glass Lid
A wok with long handle for easy handling. This wok lets you cook in a variety of ways. You can stir fry, deep fry, boil, and steam cook your food. The wok is non stick so will let you cook with less oil and is cleaned very easily since nothing stick to it. The wok is designed to evenly distribute heat over gas hobs. Includes a tempered glass lid with steam spout. Th handles are heat resistant Bakelite handles so you can be sure they won't be too hot to handle. -Triple non stick coating -Tempered glass lid with steam spout -Even heat distribution -Heat resistant Bakelite handles -Flat bottom for gas hobs only -Material: Aluminium
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