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Welle Bathroom Set Cream 5 pc

Welle Bathroom Set Cream 5 pc
This essential bathroom and sink set includes Toilet Brush Cleaner, 8.5L Bin with revolving lid, Toothbrush holder for two toothbrushes and toothpaste, soap or liquid pump action dispenser and soap bar holder. The set comes in two colour schemes with stone shapes pattern. Contents: 8.5L Revolving Lid Bin Toilet brush with holder Toothbrush holder Liquid pump action dispenser Soap bar holder -5pcs set that completes the bathroom -Durable plastic contruction -Stone pattern designed on the outer case -Perfect size for the bathroom
Item Type Welle Bathroom Set Cream 5 pc
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For the multicolour products, assorted items will be sent out in carton.
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