Terms & Conditions


Sterling Ventures UK Limited.

The terms and conditions set out below shall be deemed to be incorporated into all contracts and agreements for the sale of goods by the company Sterling Ventures UK Limited. 


In these conditions “the Seller” means Sterling Ventures UK Ltd and “the Buyer” means the Customer, firm or the company which agrees (whether verbal or written) with the Seller for the purchase of the goods and/or the provision of services carried out. 

“The Goods” mean the Goods which the Seller is to supply in accordance with these conditions. “The Contract” means the Contract for the sale of the Goods and/or the provision of the services from the Seller to the Buyer. These conditions are incorporated and would be legally binding thereto.

This contract and the terms and conditions set in the agreement shall be governed by the construed in accordance with the laws of England whose Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to which the buyers and the sellers herby submit.


1. Orders will be delivered subject to the satisfactory credit status of the buyer and the seller reserves the right to terminate the contract in the event of the credit status of the buyer ceasing to be satisfactory to the seller.

2. Each delivery of the goods by the seller to the buyer shall be a separate contract except when the contract is specifically for delivery by instalments’. The buyer shall not be entitled to withhold any payment due under one contract against any claim under any other contract. Furthermore, payment shall be made by the buyer(s) to the seller in accordance with terms stated on the invoice of sale. 

3. Unless otherwise stated our terms are net and payment for goods shall be made on or before 30 calendar days after the delivery date. In the event of delay interest on overdue payment shall occur from the date when payment became due until payment at the rate of 2.5% per month until actual payment. All legal costs incurred in obtaining payment will be payable by the Buyer.

4. The property in the goods hereby invoiced shall not be passed to the buyer until receipt by the seller of all sums due to seller, whether due under this invoice or under any contract to which this invoice relates or under any other contract between the seller and buyer notwithstanding that the seller has given to the buyer prior permission to resell the goods/or documents of title to the goods. Any Cheque given by the buyer in payment of any sum to the seller shall not be treated as received by the seller until such cheque is cleared through the seller’s bank account. Any goods not paid for in full can be removed from the buyer’s premises at any anytime.

5. All cheques must be drawn in the name of Sterling Ventures UK Ltd. Payments can be made by cash on delivery, cheque, Bacs and debit/credit card. Bank details are as followed: Bank: HSBC - Payment made to: STERLING VENTURES UK LTD – Account Number: 01479806 – Sort Code: 40-42-11

6. Please note that all invoices not settled within our payment terms will be referred to our Credit Controller, and will be subject to a surcharge of 10% plus VAT lieu of our recovery charges.

7. The buyer hereby agrees that in the event that any cheque, Bill of Exchange etc. is dishonoured or returned to the seller for any reason the seller shall be entitled to debit the buyers account with a sum of £25 for each representation. In the event that the charges mentioned herein as debited to the buyers account remain unpaid for the period agreed in the Invoice the seller shall be entitled to charge interest.


8. The goods will be supplied in accordance with specification described in the price list but in the event of alteration to the weight or the packing specification orders will be delivered and invoiced accordingly.

9. The prices are valid at the date of delivery.

10. All prices exclude VAT.


11. The placing of an order with the Company shall be deemed acceptance of these terms whether each order be oral or in writing whether signed or not. Any employee of the Buyer placing an order for an on behalf of the Buyer shall be deemed o have full authority so to act.

12. All orders are accepted subject to availability of the goods at the time of dispatch.

13. All deliveries are made in good faith and the seller shall not be liable for failure or delay in delivery due to circumstances beyond the control of the seller; in the event of any delay the delivery shall automatically be made on another time specified and agreed by both parties.

14. The company gives no warranty or guarantee of goods of any kind whatsoever and warranties and guarantees whether express or implied at law are hereby excluded. The Company undertakes at the request and expense of the Buyer for which reasonable security shall be given to pursue any reasonable claim against the manufacturers of the Goods on behalf of the Buyer.

15. Goods when sold are not returnable; any discrepancies defects, damage or shortage of goods as such must be clearly noted in its original format on the delivery note at the time of the delivery.

16. No returns of Goods shall be accepted without prior agreement in writing. Claims must be made for non-delivery within 2 days of invoice date and for damage within 3 days of delivery. Notification to be sent direct to carriers and also to the Company.

17. In the event of any goods to be returned. The seller reserves the right to charge the cost of carriage, handling and any other expenses which may be incurred. Refused delivery will be charged at the rate of £40 per pallet. 

18. The Customer must satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the delivery note and the best before or sell-by date. No subsequent claims will be accommodated.

19. The seller shall have the right to make and the buyer shall accept delivery of goods ordered in instalments; also referred to part quantity of deliveries.


20. The risk in Goods shall pass to the Buyer upon delivery either to his vehicles or his premises or otherwise to his order.

21. *User in production:* If the goods or any part there of supplied under the contract are processed, altered or tampered with in any way by the buyer or receiver of the goods or any other person, the quality of the goods shall be deemed to be acceptable to the buyer. All customers’ quality control checks are to be completed on the entire load prior to production.