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Belux Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes 72pcs

Belux Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes 72pcs
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Belux Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes 72pcs
These disinfectant cleaning wipes are extremely effective with outstanding Microbiocidal performance. These wipes are active against bacteria, fungi and viruses, meaning they are ideal for any environment whether it be in construction offices or around more people situated areas such as schools, shops, restaurants, gyms etc. Kills 99% of bacteria. DUAL-ACTION - These wipes are highly practical with their dual-action cleaning and disinfecting properties - they are the perfect choice for medical environments due to their impressive disinfecting capabilities. GENTLE - Perfect on any type of surface due to their universal application, having an alcohol-free composition they can be used all day every day on any of your well-used surfaces. Perfect as a cleaning item in replacement to cloths, a great way to minimise germs and keep you and your environment clean and safe.
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