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Heavy Duty Shelves Plastic 4 Tier

Heavy Duty Shelves Plastic 4 Tier
These premium free standing shelves are designed to make the most of your limited space in your home or office by giving you 4 racks to store or hold things. The shelving unit is sturdy and won't easily fall over as long as it is on an even flat surface. You can use these shelves to store almost anything you want, from books to toys, plants to clothes they are very handy and is an essential piece if you want to save space and maximise floor estate. The shelving unit is designed so that identical ones can be easily joined together to form larger shelving racks. This is done by connecting them together using the couplers on the sides of the top racking. -Very sturdy and spacious -Used to hold almost anything in your home or office -Maximises your floor space by giving you 4 tiers of storage -Easily join multiple racks together -Rack size L60 x W30 cm x H133cm -Material: Heavy Duty Plastic
Item Type Heavy Duty Shelves Plastic 4 Tier
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